When people think newborn photography, they think of three words: family memories, innocence and fragile. The reality behind these kinds of pictures is that newborns rarely move much during their first several months of life. Therefore, if you take their pictures, there are some tips you need to keep in mind:


1 – You Must Set Them Up To Pose

Newborns will not pose for you. Rather, a newborn will sleep more often than not. If you need to take their picture in a certain position, you’ll need to set them up and get that pose you want. Don’t forget though that the poses you place them is going to make a difference in how the images come out to those who seem them.


2 – Keep Taking Pictures

This certainly a tip to keep in mind if you’re under time restraints and the parents have no problem with you constantly shooting pictures. Newborns will work on their own timetable, and putting their needs ahead of any photography shoot. One of the things you can do is take pictures during those precious time.

For instance, if a baby needs to be fed, ask the mother if she’d be okay with you taking pictures while she fed the baby. You can always use a blanket to cover her and most of the baby The reality here is that the baby calls the shots, not you. But, if you want pictures, you need to keep snapping… with reason.


3 – You Must Be Flexible

Again, the newborn is going to be calling the shots. Therefore, set up a two-hour window for your photo session. Take your time and wait out the baby’s fits (if they’re throwing any). Don’t forget that parents may have an array of clothing they want to put their newborn in for the pictures. You must exercise patience with both the newborn and the parents.


4 – Make Your Newborn As Comfortable As You Can

There are two looks you’ll get from newborn photos: happy and awake or serenely sleeping. If you want to keep the peace, you need to make sure that your newborn is as comfortable as possible. If a newborn is not comfortable, it’s going to lead to crying, fussiness and a difficult shooting session.

If you have cold hands, use gloves to handle the baby. If the room isn’t warm, use space heaters or heating pads to warm the area up.


5 – Have A “Creative” Plan

As you know, newborns wear diapers. So, if you’re going to take pictures with them wearing diapers, you should bring along a few props to hide them. Have disposable changing pads on hand in cases where newborns leak certain fluids while being moved from each prop. Preparation is certainly key to ensuring a smooth photo shoot.

If this is going to be your living, you may think that charging by hour is the way to go. But, actually consider charging by per scene, per image or per session. Newborn photography can exhilarating but you don’t ever want to think it’s easy. Taking pictures of newborn is anything but easy. It can be extremely exhausting and nerve-wracking; but, it can also be one of the most fulfilling things too.

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