James seems to be amazed by the wilderness of his hopping ponies, milky ways, and marshmallows. It took us 2 hours to wait for this perfect pose. Kids don’t like sleeping sideways, especially on a tilted place, but we bet he was comfortable and deep into his sleep. It was an amazing experience capturing these moments. The father and the mother seemed very happy with the shots, and it’s when we know “We have done it!”. Capturing the perfect baby shot requires preparation, and this is how we get it done. If you’re looking for baby photography Surrey, Artin is your best bet.

Baby photography Surrey | James

Little James from surrey

Baby Photography—how is it done?

It’s more than just waiting for the newborn to go to sleep. Every new baby photography sessions comes as a surprise. The first thing that needs to be done is the preparation, a hefty and careful selection of cameras, lenses, posing bean bag, etc.

So when we get down for newborn photography, we make sure to have every possible item that we could use, like toys, backdrop stand, step stool, a bobby pillow (our favorite), props, blankets for backgrounds, headbands, small swaddle baskets, and lastly, a baby shusher (It acts as white noise) to hide the sound of the shutter. It makes sure, the newborn won’t get up from his/her sleep.

Little James from Surrey with his parents

How long the sessions can go?

For most of our sessions, we keep them around 4 hours, but they can go beyond that. We don’t really like to bound ourselves within time because it’s about being passionate about taking the perfect baby photos. Sometimes 4 hours aren’t just enough for that, so we will always keep ourselves prepared with all the necessary items that we would need. But if the parents want to keep the session short, there is also a way out for that. The preparations change. Parents are told to keep their babies ready for the photo shoot because it’s where most of the time gets spent.

Where do we get the inspiration from?

Baby photography itself is a manifestation of fantasy, love and hugs. So we get our inspiration from the babies and the ambiance. As soon as we step into our studio, we get the epiphany: “ “This is what we need to do!” “This will go perfectly with the baby’s skin tone, size, and contours. We keep our newborn photography ideas spontaneous so it always helps us get better photos.

Getting our clients ready

Getting along with our clients is centric to our performance. Before the appointment day, we send all the necessary tips to the parents regarding what they need to do and how they could be part of the photo shoot. So that makes it all very easy for everyone. A professional newborn photographer knows how it’s done. So explaining everything to the clients beforehand making it a lot easier.

Give us a call

Are your planning a baby photography session? Why not give us a call so you can get a walk through with how it’s done. You can also check out our profile on facebook for more inspiration and ideas.

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