Maternity photography is a special area of photography because it involves recording a time before a baby is born. This represents a unique record of how the mother was feeling at the time, including her excitement, joy, surprise and nervousness.

As a mother myself, I understand that being pregnant is a unique time in a woman’s life. Our bodies go through a myriad of changes, and our view of life and our role within it changes very dramatically. The transition to becoming a mother really begins once we find out that we are pregnant and that our bodies are now nurturing a brand new life. This experience creates a unique set of emotions that defines what it means to be a mother, and is a moment in time that we truly enjoy capturing here at Artin Photography.

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Maternity Photography Vancouver | Doris

Doris was no stranger to being a mother because she already had two wonderful boys; but like so many things in life, she was truly and joyously surprised to find out that she was pregnant with her third child. When Doris arrived in our studio, she had her two sons with her. This is a really great thing because it allows us to capture the emotional bond between a mother and her existing children. This serves to draw together the family in a special bond of love that is not only unique to that particular family, but is also unifying for them.

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During our discussions before the photo session, Doris had decided that she wanted to purchase the “Belly to Baby” maternity photography package. What this means is that we can set up a photo session at the seven-month mark of a mother’s pregnancy. We think that this is the absolute best time to photograph an expectant mother because it usually shows her at her best, when she is glowing, joyous, and very excited and nervous about what is to come! Being able to share in these strong emotions and record their essence in photographs is one of the reasons that I truly enjoy maternity photography.

To make it as easy as possible for the mother to be, we also provide a comfortable studio and a wide range of appropriate dresses and other outfits. In this way, we work with all of our mothers to provide the best experience possible and make sure that they look their best. We place a real emphasis on building

the confidence of the mother even before we switch on the camera and lighting so that the entire experience is pleasant, and so that we record a real insight into how the mother is feeling at this special time in her life. If you’re looking for a maternity photography Vancouver, cantact us today.

What is also unique to our “Belly to Baby” package is that we not only set up a studio photo session whilst the mother is pregnant, but we also set up a second session after the baby is born! This makes for a truly unique and emotionally expressive diary-like record of a special time in a mother’s life and the life of the baby. And can you imagine just how special it will be to look back at a time before being born when that baby grows up? To be able to see the look and smile on their mother’s face before he or she was born is a really significant moment and one that we are proud to be able to record here at Artin Photography!

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