Christmas is a really special time of the year for many people, and Christmas Eve offers a wondrous sense of magical anticipation and warmth that really makes people smile. When beautiful baby Adrian, his Mom and Dad, and doting Aunt visited me on this special evening, they were so excited to be part of the photography session! It made me smile so much, and I felt so special that they were allowing me to capture these memories of their special little Adrian.


I’d already spoken to them before the photo session and had told them what to bring and how it would all work, so they were very eager to get started. Baby Adrian was really a joy during the whole session, and even when he did cry a little, his Mom was able to soothe him very quickly and with a lot of love. The amazing thing is that she had written a gorgeous song just for him whilst she was pregnant and had sung it to him the whole time before he was born! What really amazed me was how quickly he calmed down during the session when she sang the sweet and gentle song to him.


Newborn photography is always special, but at moments like this it really warms my heart and makes me understand exactly why I wanted to get into baby photography in the first place! Sharing special moments with parents and their precious bubs really makes my day. It’s even better knowing that I can give them the gift of a captured memory; a unique moment in time that will always remind them of when their son or daughter was just starting out in life.

Baby Adrian was calm for most of the session thanks to his Mom singing to him whenever he cried. I particularly love the photo of him rugged up like a little bear and lying peacefully on the fur blanket. His face looked so serene and his whole family smiled but didn’t want to make too much noise in case they woke him up!

At the end of the session, I thanked everyone and baby Adrian was picked up and hugged snugly and warmly by his Mom, Dad and Aunt in turn. It was a fantastic experience, and I sincerely thank Adrian and his family for their patience, time and help during the photo session.

If you’re looking for a professional who can capture those special newborn moments and present you with great photographs that will last for a lifetime, why not get in touch and have a chat with me? Here at Artin Photography, it’s more than a job to me. Baby and newborn photography is my passion, and I am thankful for all of the beautiful babies, Moms, and Dads that allow me to create special memories for them to enjoy for many years to come.

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