Newborn babies have the schedule of their own. They eat whenever they want. They sleep anytime they like. And most importantly, they come when they want to. No matter how hard we try to predict the exact date, sometimes they step into our world a bit earlier or couple days later than we expect. When Zion’s mom was searching for  Newborn Photography Vancouver, she noticed there might be a slight shift on her due date. So, she contacted us and we tried to keep couple spot open for her around that time. Luckily, little Zion was on time and we were well prepared to take care of his session. But, what should we really do if we’re not sure about our baby’s delivery date?


Little Zion photographed at Artin newborn photography Vancouver

Booking your appointment

As we know, the best time to take your newborn photos is within the first 10 days after birth. So, if you are sure about your delivery date, you can call us even months earlier, to book your session. In fact, the earlier you do this, the more flexible you are to pick your desired date or shift it to another day. As we get closer to your booked session, it gets more difficult for us to alter that date.

But even if you are not sure about your actual delivery date, you shouldn’t be worried. All you need to do is book a date which you think is most likely the big day. If you need to change it down the road, we always do our best to talk to other moms and swipe your session with theirs.

Be prepared for fun

We love our job. Because when we work on your newborn photos, we know that we are preserving the most cherished memories of your life. But it’s not just that. We believe even the newborn photo session itself is a uniquely memorable day for moms and dads. A day that your little prince is the star of his own stage. He may sing a song, cry or laugh. Sometimes he is hungry, other times, well…

By the way, be prepared for up to 4 hours of fun and excitement.

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Newborn Photography Vancouver

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