Babies and Kids Photography

4 Years Old and Up

Portraits are designed to capture still moments, but kids are designed to be in motion! No two kids are the same, and each has a different comfort level with having their picture taken.

At Artin Photography we always strive to make each milestone that your baby reaches unforgettable. Childhood is precious but it can go by so quickly! We can help document and capture those fragile memories that are sure to last a lifetime! It’s always a great time to photograph your baby, child or family as every moment of their young life is filled with many unique firsts. Our baby & children photography sessions are about capturing these unique moments!

We do our best to make your photography experience as smooth as we can.

Capture the UNIQUE Moments

Our babies & children photography sessions will help you to remember the unique and unforgettable moments, like the first time they lost a tooth, their few first steps, whatever the unique moment we love to be there capturing these moments of their grow and change. No matter what you will never regret capturing these precious memories and the special stages of your baby or child and sharing the story for years to come.

We want you to recall the day your child was born years from now and relive that moment of joy and happiness.

Bringing our children into this world is the greatest event of our lives, hands down

The motherhood journey isn’t like anything else. A woman doesn’t experience anything like this, and it is magical. Time seems to pass too fast while watching our babies grow and develop, get older, and have children of their own. Babies and Kids Photography always has me excited and joyful when capturing these moments. My clients and their families in and around British Columbia and nearby suburbs always count on me for their treasured photographs.

Your kids will be this little only once. I’ll create tailor-made portraits for you to treasure. We do maternity, family, and newborn baby photography sessions at homes, our studio, or any location of your choice. Your kid’s playfulness, the twinkle in their eyes, and that adorable gape which makes your cutie pies sweet – we precisely capture these sweet moments.

What to Expect From a Baby Photography Sessions

I approach every session differently and work to make sure your children are as comfortable as possible. I love to have parents hold and comfort their children during a session because these tender moments often produce the most memorable photographs, the kind of pictures that you will always treasure and look at when the difficult times come. Older children and teens may be self-conscious in other ways. But, I have found my relaxed approach pulls out the best in even the most reluctant photography subjects. I believe the beauty of kid photography is in capturing their story at that moment. Every story is precious and is worth saving.

We won’t rush your session​.​

We understand that as expecting mom you are dealing with lots of pressure and stress. So we do our best to run your session as smooth as we can.

Baby Session Pricing:

From experience, we know that photography shouldn’t be rushed, especially when it involves newborn babies and kids. Our session times are flexible depending on how the session is going, we want to ensure that we have enough time to capture the right moments and never want you to feel rushed or stressed during your photography session.

The packages cover “Your baby”, “You”, and “Your spouse”. If you have other children, you are more than welcome to bring them. If you are interested in including your baby’s “Grand Parents”, you need to pay $35 for each person.

Our Services


Artin Photography specializes in capturing precious memories of your newborn in a relaxed and professional setting in our newborn photography studio.


We help you document this important period in your family’s history. Our maternity photography sessions are aimed at preserving all of the joy, excitement, and love that you experience in your pregnancy.

Cake Smash

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday with a really creative and different photography session to capture this important milestone in their life! One-year-olds are just adorable. 

We want you to remember

We want you to recall the day your child was born years from now and relive that moment of joy and happiness. Those cute grins, small locks of hair, and flawless soft skin melting your heart as you saw your baby for the first time. The exact moment when you became a mother, and years from now remembering those birth stories to tell your child. Our artistic photographs will make you remember the little teeth, the freckles, and the curiosity in your baby’s eyes as they saw you for the first time. Most of all, we want you to remember how your children see you with their loving eyes.


Parents always want to take portraits of their children. It’s always difficult to make them sit still or sit down. Our professional kids’ photographer will give you helpful tips and hints for taking the perfect portrait. In the end, our tips will work if your kid(s) display their best side and them enjoying the shoot. Most times, this will include accepting the fun and spontaneousness side of your child.


Making your child to sit and be quiet does not work throughout photography shoots. They’ll be looking at fun things and soon discover something else. Even when they are young, kids act differently in front of cameras. We suggest you let your children express themselves. They’ll crawl, run, and play during the photo-op. There will be a lot of smiles and surprises. Our professional photographer knows exactly when to capture these moments and convert them into immemorial memories.


Parents spend vast amounts of time watching at their kid’s face, and wonder what their toddler is thinking. Even at a very young age, kids have an endless supply of smiles and facial expressions. During these sessions, I will try various tricks to bring out your child’s inner character. Most times, I’ll be asking your kid to jump up-and-down or asking a simple fun task to perform.


Kid portrait shoots are effective when they are conducted in familiar environments. Typically, these locations would be the local park or your home. They provide that specialized backdrops for the portraits. Having a familiar environment makes the whole family relaxed. This is perfect when you are also looking to take family portraits along with kids’ photography.


Many a times extrovert kids will always almost become reserved and shy in unfamiliar places than what they are used to. That’s the main reason you have to keep them comfortable when they come for the photo-op. There is no use in trying to be stern as this always results in them clamping down.


A great photographer doesn’t put their camera down during where children are involved in photo shoots. Children don’t stay in one place at all, and this is absolutely all right. Our trained photographers will be taking photos throughout the photo session. Your child will probably drop the façade that they have been doing and will enjoy the shoot. Eventually, your kid will enjoy themselves, leading to the perfect childhood moment that’s just waiting to be captured.

Getting Down

Adults forget that kids get scary, shy, and sometimes shut down when someone is pointing a camera at them. I just get down with them and make myself approachable and friendly during the photo-op. I also let your child see photos I have taken on them to let them know how they look, which is a win-win for all.

Being Snappy

As children will be running around and enjoying themselves, I’ll be using higher shutter speeds for capturing your child’s expressions. This allows me to take one of the most beautiful full motion portraits. The also allows your toddler to forget about the camera and be themselves more. Rest assured, there will be lots of fun times and smiles all around.

Shots and Angles

Traditional portraits are now totally old-fashioned. Many parents now ask for portraits where their child is at their best. This is where taking multiple shots from many angles works superbly. During the shoot, I’ll most probably ask your child to run, play, jump around, or just sit still. All this is to capture that perfect photo of your child in full enjoyment. Kid’s photography isn’t boring, it’s engaging.

Being Sneaky

Candid photography allows me to snap alluring photographs of your kids as they enjoy themselves and have fun. This method is useful when your child can spontaneously smile when the camera is turned towards them. This technique it’s most favored by wedding photographers. It allows me to capture genuine happiness rather than forced smiles which are the tell tales of traditional images.

Don’t Force

One of the most important elements to professional kid’s photography not forcing your kid into anything that they are not comfortable with. I try to bring out the natural moment in any type of situation at hand. These are the genuine instances that are more than their worth in gold. These are the portraits that’ll be cherished forever. This is the main reason that I never rush through these sessions. I’ve always allowed children to fell comfortable, be happy, and forget that they are under the lens.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Almost all children become quickly fed-up and bored during traditional photo shoots. It usually results in less smiles and dull, boring photo-op sessions. Instead, I try to make the sessions fun, even allowing then to play throughout. Having an enjoyable and fun photoshoot means kids will be happy. When they enjoy the shoot, they understand what it is that a camera does.

Being Crazy

Many times the photoshoot does not go as planned when children are involved. If everything is failing, it’s better to use your child’s chaos to your benefit and capture their raucous best. Sometimes the most non-traditional and raucous portrait photos are the greatest.


Children always love to be spoilt, and this photo trip will make them feel cheerful too!

Sounds interesting, right!

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