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We Couldn’t ask for more. Because this siblings duo was one of our favorites. Rather than relying too much on the props and the backgrounds, this time, we focused on reflecting the family bonding and happiness. Nakisa’s brother seems overjoyed and contended with the addition of another member to the family. Whereas, the mother and the grandmother couldn’t resist but hold onto the baby girl all the time. It was a fantastic sight!

What was different about this photoshoot? Well, the baby looks a little grown up in some of the photos due to her glistering gaze. Nakisa’s eyes were mesmerising as she continued her efforts to discover our studio and the colors around her.

This time, we also didn’t use the normal props that we had, as the mother wanted Nakisa’s photos to be taken in her gorgeous cream and pink color linen dress. The headband with a beautiful pink rose on the top of it accentuated the whole lot of beauty to another level. There was definitely a cuteness overdose in the air.

For the other batch of photos, Nakisa was dressed in a white colored fluffy wrap with a cute woollen hat on the head. The white flower on the hat really looked beautiful with Nakisa’s color tone.

But there were a lot more things that made this photoshoot truly amazing, including Nakisa’s response to the camera lens. She would look into the camera as if she was accustomed to it—giving her perfect shot every time.

Prior to the arrival of the family, we make sure that everything is perfectly placed and ready so that no time is wasted around picking things and putting them in place. If you are looking to have a photography session of your newborn, try these tips out to get the most out of it.

Talk to us about it

If you are looking for a baby photography Burnaby, We are not so far from you. The first thing you need to do is to give us a call so that we can discuss how you want it to be done. How you are going to display your photos matters the most. Are you going to hang them on the nursery walls, or will they be framed and placed in your living room? Will they be collaged and hung on the stairway wall or just as a photo album for some future reminiscence? All of this provides us a very nice idea with how you want your photos to be—the color scheme, background, etc.


You can choose from our wide range of props or provide us yours. We have a collection of wraps, knit hats, baskets, headbands and blankets available. If there are certain textures or color that you specifically want to use, we will get them ready too.

What to wear

As you are going to feature yourself too in the photoshoot, it’s necessary to choose your dress accordingly. Well, anything can go along with your baby’s dress, but keep your clothing simple so that the baby stays “the star of the night” (or the day).


New family member on the way?

Check out our “Belly to Baby” package which includes one “Maternity” and one “Newborn” photography session (At a reduced price)! Don’t miss out to capture this amazing time of your life! Document it!



Mary is a Vancouver based Maternity and Newborn photographer, with over 31 years of photography experience. Years ago, she started out in photography as a photojournalist and then became a photography teacher. While she has always loved the journalistic magic that she could create with her camera, she really enjoyed capturing the beauty of people & families. This then sparked a desire to further her passion for capturing and creating these cherished memories, and joining her talents for capturing & retelling stories with her camera.

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“I’m a mother of two beautiful children and have vast experience in photographing newborns and expecting mothers. I know the joys a child can bring in the world, and through my experience as a newborn photographer, we will aim to showcase the love you have for your newborn. ”

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