Best Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photography always seems to be scary. It’s easy to shoot landscapes or portrait poses with specific instructions, but working with an unpredictable and fragile newborn brings out anxiousness in even the most seasoned photographer. In this post, I’ll outline some tips and tricks so you can get started with the Best Newborn Baby Photography.

At Artin Photography, we provide you with budget-friendly newborn and baby portrait services. We’ll capture your baby’s first days in timeless images so you can cherish them for a lifetime and more. Newborn sessions can be done in our studio or at your home. You don’t need to pack anything and come to our studios; we’ll bring our studio to you!

Newborn photoshoots are comparatively hard when you know your models are just a few days old. We’ll help you by capturing these lovely and beautiful moments with your baby so you can look at those cute baby images and remember the moments as if it was yesterday. I will share with you all the pertinent tips and tricks for taking amateur as well as skillful photoshoots.

Tip #1: Safety

Safety always comes first when you are doing baby and newborn photography. These tips are always extensive when considering a newborn’s safety, but as a rule of thumb, use sound practical judgment. You should never bring or use any sharp or hard objects for your props. Do not place your young baby or newborn on unsteady or high surfaces without an assistant or spotter. You should realize that many of your cherished photos of young babies will actually be composites.

Bringing-in individual elements is what makes for creative props to be absolutely great. Nonetheless, there are many unstable surfaces for babies, so an assistant’s help is always enlisted. Placing the camera on the tripod makes the composition of the image not to shift. A photo is captured of the prop and another of the baby on the prop with someone securely holding them in place. Some magic with Photoshop and the images are merged giving you the final composite image.

Tip #2: Basics

You’ll be able to capture amazing baby and newborn photography results using any camera and lens if you know the camera angles, a little bit of creativity, and proper lighting. Although a professional camera is going to give you better image quality than a point-and-shoot camera. A good point-and-shoot camera is likely going to be sufficient to capture amazing newborn images. If you want to know more about this, do check out my baby photography workshop here.

Tip #3: Comfort

Regarding baby photography sessions, I generally go for two things awake & happy or sleeping peacefully. If the baby is not comfortable, you potentially are going to have them crying, being fussy, and causing overall difficulties for everyone who’s involved in the shoot. 

You should consider putting on woolen gloves if your hands are not warm. One option is the use of heating pads and space heaters when the room isn’t nice and warm. For the complete list of our non-image accessories that can be used with baby photography, head over to our workshop here.

Tip #4: Time

The magic time-period for infant photography is in the first 14 days from birth. Infants are by far the easiest to work with at this time as they will be sleeping most of the day. They can be quickly and easily adjusted according to our needs during this time-period. You should consider taking baby photos after their umbilical cord has come off (this is generally after five days or so).

Tip #5: Poses

You have to be creative and this is a large portion of becoming a photographer. You also have to make sure that you are getting your basic and essential poses first. I always start by taking the basic baby pose shots first and then moving towards the advanced pose shots. This is because the baby might become too fussy and I might have to call off or reschedule the shoot again. Beginning with the most basic pose shots gives you ample time to set up before you introduce the time-consuming, complex, and difficult pose shots. 

Tip #6: Props

It is the creative props that mark the differences between a professional photo shoot and a rookie one. Baby props do not have to be costly at all and you will get most of the things you require at home or in local craft stores. For inspiration, I consider integrating the parents’ culture, their hobbies, favorite colors, or their overall interests.

Tip #7: Colors

I always recommend planning your scenes way ahead of time or at least have an idea of the colors you want to use. By the time your child arrives in your arms, you should be able to get an idea of the color combos that you want to use for the session. It is great if you are able to visualize the colors together before you go out and look for the backdrops and props and this is going to save you hours.

Tip #8: Light

You sure enough do not need to be too fancy regarding the lighting of the shoot. All you will need is one big window for the main light source and a good reflector that will help fill in for some of the shadows. I generally look to have the subject of the shoot in good lighting. The baby should not be over-exposed or under-exposed. You do not want a washed out or dark baby than what their natural color is.

Tip #9: Flexibility

Newborn babies have their own schedules. As they become fussy, I make sure that I take my time and wait it all out. Sometimes, I might spend more than 4-5 hours on a single shoot while the baby cries the whole time, and eventually, in the last 10-15 minutes, I will get everything I need. Shooting with newborns is not easy. I make sure that I have planned ahead for the entire shoot. The duration of the shoot will change based on the amount of scene setups and wardrobe changes. 

In general, I am flexible in the amount of time I give families for their shoot, even though there is a set limit. While I have been doing this professionally, I have various options to charge such as per image, per scene, or per session rather than charging a fixed amount per hour.

Tip #10: Post Production

The post production work for infant photography is generally more airy and light than the other photography types. I have used fades, aesthetic white and black effects. Also, I regularly brush up on advanced Photoshop techniques such as frequency breakup and other more advanced touch up techniques from time to time.

Tip #11: Planning Ahead

  • To have the same cute baby images you see on internet, you need to plan ahead.
  • Always book or schedule these sessions early, way before the baby arrives.
  • The optimal time for scheduling these baby photo sessions is 1-6 weeks.
  • Plan these photo shoots around your infant’s feeding and nap schedules. 
  • Make sure your baby is fed prior hand, which makes them settle down before the shoot; this also reduces fussiness and spitting.
  • At any given time, fussy babies are always challenging. It’s best if you bring your baby’s favorite item that comforts them.
  • Your newborn’s portraits are incomplete when you don’t join. You should join-in on the photo session and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • It’s best to get that beauty treatment you’ve always wanted so that close-ups with your baby’s feet, hands, and head look amazing.
  • Don’t forget your baby’s milestones as they’re also significant. You can schedule these beforehand at our studio itself. Commonly they are taken at three months, six months, nine months, and one year.
  • I also do baby announcement shoots. You should have their weight, length, and other details available.
  • Take a look at our baby and newborn photos for inspiration here!

Tip #12: Styles

  • There is no one who does not simply love a cute baby photo. It’s best to capture your baby with the precious new outfit that you just bought. You can also include a few favorite items such as toys, blankets, or others.
  • Simplicity is best. Babies look lovely with minimal to no clothing. You can think of items such as a diaper, onesie, or a swaddle blanket. These simple things are usually enough.
  • You can bring a stocking cap or a beanie so that it softens your infant’s face.
  • Go for light-colored clothes. Pastels and Whites reveal your infant’s sweet skin color.
  • During these sessions, I avoid socks or mittens on infant’s feet and hands as they leave their elastic marks on those sweet, tiny ankles and wrists.
  • Affix the baby’s diaper a bit loosely so that you can avoid lines around the baby’s waist.
  • It’s best to plan ahead and bring along a few spare outfits in the diaper bag just in case of leaks or spit ups. 
  • If there is any cherished item such as a family blanket or a favorite toy it would be great to bring it along with you to the shoot.


I discuss all things up front and communicate with you and plan out these sessions so that there is no discomfort, no stress, and you are comfortable taking these photos. I don’t want you to cut the sessions short and reschedule because that will become more stressful for you.

My goal for each session is for parents to leave with printed photographs such as heritage albums, artistic prints, and customized wall art that has been specifically created keeping your style and your home in mind. Some of my client favorites are canvas prints that are museum gallery quality, custom frames, and modern synthetics. I want them to become your memories forever and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to share this special occasion in life with you and your family.

For more tutorials, tricks, and tips on newborn photography, head over to our infant photography workshop. I will provide you with a full guide to newborn and baby photography. I also teach planning, lighting, posing, and post production for infant photography.

Although this type of photography looks to be daunting initially, it is like any other form of photography as the more you review and rehearse the better you will become. Be patient, always take your time, and do not second guess yourself. Using proper research and planning, a few personalized and creative props, along with safety-first and careful execution, you will come out with a minimum of a few amazing images with which you can build your photography foundation.

Best Newborn Baby Photography Practice

It is not that hard to determine the flexibility you need when it comes to newborn baby photography. They are not adults, who can listen to your tips and advices for that correct baby pose. Working with newborns or infants for creating outstanding newborn baby photography is an art, which we are well-aware of. Therefore, the entire task of baby photography comes with a positive result through us.

We make it a point to hire only the best Newborn Photographer in town as we never fool around with the quality of our client’s pictures. For better idea on our Newborn Photographer and how the person works, we request you to visit our official website and check out the gallery section.

Tips To Choose Newborn Photography Service:

  • Besides, we are offering some lucrative discounts on our Newborn Photography session to help you give it a try. So, even if you have fewer bucks in your pocket, you can still contact us for help.
  • Finally, we will check the quality of our pictures before dispatching it to the clients. You don’t have to worry about quality as the pictures are in proper HD notion.
  • Likewise, we will have a direct chat with the parents to understand the kind of Newborn Photography they are looking for. Based on that, we will target for the right photography sessions.

Our Newborn Photoshoot Sessions

You just have to bring your infant over for Newborn Photoshoot and leave the rest on us. We will work on the pros, which are designed to act in your favor. Right from the soft pillows and beds to place the newborn on to the perfect matching bow, we have everything in store for you. Our lights and angles of Newborn Photoshoot are comfortable enough as we aim to not hurt your little lives. Contact us for some more details here.

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