5 Best Poses for Maternity Photoshoots

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. It’s a time filled with anticipation of the life you’ll have with your newborn. What other way to commemorate it than with a maternity photoshoot? You want your maternity photoshoot to be an ideal one, as you’ve seen on Instagram, but all pregnant bodies are different. What works for one may … Read more

Best Maternity Dresses for a Winter Photoshoot

You decided on a winter maternity shoot, but have you decided what to wear yet? If you’re planning a winter maternity photoshoot, staying updated on the weather is crucial. It won’t be a fun photoshoot if the mom-to-be is freezing. This time is supposed to make you feel beautiful, not leave you shivering in the … Read more

The Maternity Poses that First Time Moms Would Love

Capture the wonderful moments when expecting a child through Artin Maternity Photography, Coquitlam, B.C. From motherhood to the early years of your baby’s life, all the memories that you as an expecting mom create with them are precious and turn out to be the most mesmerizing and memorable moments of your life. A maternity photoshoot done right would … Read more

How to Style for Your Maternity Shoot?

Deciding what to wear on a normal day is a struggle in itself and deciding what to wear to the maternity photoshoot, what sort of hairstyle and makeup to don on is quite a problem for a pregnant and hormonal woman. You can relate to that, right? You want your maternity photoshoot to go smoothly … Read more

Newborn Girl Photoshoots – Things to Keep in Mind

The time of the arrival of your little bundle of joy is truly magical not only for you but for the whole family. There’s no feeling more precious than holding your newborn in your arms. The arrival of the baby takes over the entire household. You would want to document the initial phase before they grow … Read more

DIY 1st Birthday Photo Props

Every parent wants their child’s 1st birthday photoshoot to be special and memorable. You want to capture them being happy and excited at their first-ever birthday celebration. A few years from now, you might look back on your child’s 1st birthday photoshoot and thank yourself for capturing and immortalizing all those beautiful moments. Allow us at Artin Photography to … Read more

Photography Location Ideas for Your Maternity Photoshoot

Port Coquitlam, B.C, is famous for its rivers and mountains and is situated between the Pitt and the Coquitlam River. The surrounding areas can serve as an excellent location for maternity photography in Port Coquitlam, BC. Other great maternity photoshoot location ideas include the Hyde Creek Recreational Centre and the Regional Colony Farm Park. Port Coquitlam has … Read more

Outdoor Photoshoot Vs. an Indoor PhotoShoot: Which One Should You Choose for Your Newborn

Do you really have to choose? Why can’t you do both? Those living in Port Coquitlam, BC, can schedule both indoor and outdoor newborn baby photoshoots all year round. The weather of Port Coquitlam, BC, isn’t as cold as one might think. In fact, Vancouver and its surrounding areas have a moderate climate, with temperatures ranging … Read more

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