How to design a logo in photoshop

Design a newborn photography logo in photoshop

Are you ready to learn how to make a killer logo? Then it’s high time you grabbed a pen and some paper, fired up a digital art software like Photoshop, and got your creative juices flowing! Whether you’re creating an eye-catching logo for business branding or just want to flex your design muscles with something … Read more

How to change shutter speed – photography basics

How to change shutter speed in a film camera shutter speed dial

The very important setting for photographic photography is shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Shutter speeds have two important functions, they affect your photograph and create dramatic effects by either freezing or blurring. The shutter speed you choose will also affect how much light reaches your camera’s sensor. The faster the shutter speed, the less light … Read more

Newborn photography-family portraits, or a combo session? Which one to choose?

Newborn Photography Vancouver 57

Which is better for you, newborn photography-family portraits, or a combo session? The answer may surprise you. There are many styles and types of photography for capturing your family’s precious moments. Newborn photography is a popular choice among parents, as it allows them to capture their little one’s first few weeks in stunning detail. On … Read more

Unique Cake Smash Photoshoot Ideas

Unique Cake Smash Photoshoot Ideas

You look at the calendar on your desk and spot a familiar date. You look closely, and it hits you—it’s your baby’s birthday next week! You might be overwhelmed for the next couple of moments when you realize how fast the time flew past. So, it’s only fitting that you celebrate this milestone to the … Read more

Elevate Your Maternity Style! Unique Wardrobe Ideas for Your Photoshoot

In the past, clothing would be designed to conceal pregnancies as much as possible. People even had maternity corsets made for stepping out! Thankfully, fashion has been through a lot of changes today. So many celebrities are seen flaunting their pregnancies, resulting in many people taking inspiration from them. The term “maternity wardrobe” may bring to … Read more

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