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8 Important Tips To Create Perfect Baby Photos

Babies… they are one of the sweetest things in life, and when it comes to taking their pictures, they’re often very elusive. After all, their precious smiles are often fleeting. How can a photographer capture the moment when their subject is too young to understand what a photographer needs? 1 – Lighting When it comes

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6 Tips To Take Brilliant Newborn Photos Without Much Hassle

Everywhere you look, there is a pregnant woman or a newborn baby. Most people become suckers for the little people. After all, they’re new… pink and squishy looking. Babies have a distinct smell to them – baby powdery and sour milk. They’ve got a unique sound to them – from cooing to screaming. Babies are

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5 Quick Tips to have Better Newborn Pictures

When people think newborn photography, they think of three words: family memories, innocence and fragile. The reality behind these kinds of pictures is that newborns rarely move much during their first several months of life. Therefore, if you take their pictures, there are some tips you need to keep in mind:   1 – You

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Newborn Pictures, 5 Helpful Tips When Taking Them

Photography… nothing is sweeter than taking the picture of a newborn. However, in saying that, there’s also no greater difficulty than taking this type of photograph. It’s not enough to have the latest equipment, familiarity and skills. When it comes to taking these kinds of pictures and having them come out just right, the most

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By Federico Alegria Newborn photography requires a delicate hand beyond anything else. You have to be delicate even in at your nerves. You have to meet some qualities at first, like patience and delicacy, tenderness and extreme care. Planning a photo can include certain points that have to be considered before the shooting and some

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