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Cake Smash Photography

A truely unique brithday photoshoot

Your Trusted Cake Smash Photographer in Greater Vancouver Area

Cake Smash Photography – The Amazing Photo Session

We love Cake Smash sessions, they are SO much fun! It really is a unique moment and a lot of fun to watch and photograph. Celebrate your baby’s birthday with a really creative and different photography session to capture this important milestone in their life! One-year-olds are just adorable. They’re hilarious and the cause for our laughter and joy. You just can’t imagine what they’ll do next. Toddlers are wondrous and curious about everything they see and touch. They’re a treat to photograph. One of our best-loved sessions is photographing a baby’s first birthday – also known as a cake smash birthday.

A word of warning – It’s a messy affair

Let’s be frank, it is going to be a messy affair. You have no clue as to how things are going to turn out. Some babies just want to put their finger in the cake, but others want to throw cake across the room. You cannot do much if your baby wants to shower you with their Power Puff Girls or Frozen cake pieces or frosting.

Cake Smash Photography

Capture the memories of your baby’s first birthday!

Your precious little baby is about to become a toddler and it’s time to celebrate! And Artin Photography can help you give them their first taste of cake in style!

A popular trend that originated in the United States, Cake Smash photography involves taking pictures of a child’s first birthday. Here at Artin, we can help you preserve those beautiful moments with our photography. Since it’s a cake smash and your baby is the star of the show, our sessions are geared towards them having fun! We let the kids lead, and we go at a pace that’s just right for them. If your little one gets bored, we move on, if they want a break, we take a break! Our sessions are all about you and your little one having a good time!

If you’re looking to schedule a photoshoot in Vancouver or Coquitlam, BC, for your baby’s first birthday or would like further information on our cake smash photography services, get in touch with us today.

About Cake Smash Baby Photography

Your Trusted Cake Smash Photographer in Greater Vancouver Area


You should select your location keeping this in mind. It’s best if you select an outdoor location to do the cake smash session in good weather. Your next best location, due to the weather factor, would be our studio. The backdrop is perfect and limits the movement of the child to some extent. Most one-year-olds don’t move and always avoid going near the edges.
Your Trusted Cake Smash Photographer in Greater Vancouver Area

The Shoot (Cake Smash)

Put your little one in clothes that you have no problem getting dirty or ruined. You should be prepared to give your baby a bath right after.

Lighter colored cakes are preferred with bright big elements on top. Chocolate cakes with frosting tastes best, but in the end it looks like mud. We let parents choose the cake they like. We are not picky about the cake parent’s select and usually work with what they have chosen.

Your Trusted Cake Smash Photographer in Greater Vancouver Area

Up Close and Personal

Those cute little fingers, their small toes, and hilarious cake smashing are what we are looking to capture up close. Cake in-between fingers or frosting on their little lips looks beautiful. One of the best shots is of their little fingers poking the cake curiously, touching and feeling the texture of the cake. The best fun cake stories are told when you get close-ups, along with the overall shot. We’ll be shooting from different angles – above, eye level, below, and every side. We’ll take shots as long as your background and lighting are working well from these angles.
Your Trusted Cake Smash Photographer in Greater Vancouver Area

Cake Smash Egging

Sometimes your little one is a little shy to indulge in the cake smash itself. You’ll even have little ones that just want to eat rather than smash. Then you have babies that do want to touch the cake itself. We want to capture this, as this is what her true personality is. This is more precious than that which is completely out of character. We don’t want the photos to look like something that has been set up. Nevertheless, you can take so many photos without anything happening. It may help parents give their children a taste of the cake, making them want more. You can also try giving them a baby spoon to approach the cake.

Cake Smash Pricing

From experience, we know that photography shouldn’t be rushed, especially when it involves newborn babies and kids. Our session times are flexible depending on how the session is going, we want to ensure that we have enough time to capture the right moments and never want you to feel rushed or stressed during your photography session.

The packages cover “Your newborn”, “You”, and “Your spouse”. If you have other children, you are more than welcome to bring them. If you are interested in including your baby’s “Grand Parents”, you need to pay $35 for each person.

Book Your Session in Advance!

The earlier you book your session the better chance you’d have to choose your desired time.


“Mary of Artin Photography did a wonderful job with our daughter’s newly born photos. Mary was fully prepared to deal with our ten day daughter with a baby husher and a patient personality. Over the course of our shoot we had many different poses and costumes that really came alive in the photos …” – Byron Hauck
“Highly recommend taking your photo shoots here! We had our pregnancy photoshoot, newborn pictures, and now baby’s 1 year old photoshoot with Mary. She is so good with babies and is wonderful to work with! She helped us to capture so many beautiful memories, and is so flexible to work with our schedule …” – Felicia Feng

Unforgettable Memories

Cake Smash photo shoots are mostly enjoyable, dirty and disorderly, and memorable sessions. We capture these memories for you to remember them forever or even make fun of them whey they grow up. These aren’t just photos; they’ll make you smile every time you look at them.

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