DIY 1st Birthday Photo Props

Every parent wants their child’s 1st birthday photoshoot to be special and memorable. You want to capture them being happy and excited at their first-ever birthday celebration. A few years from now, you might look back on your child’s 1st birthday photoshoot and thank yourself for capturing and immortalizing all those beautiful moments.

Allow us at Artin Photography to share some great tips on DIY 1st birthday photo props to make this day a success for you.

Do Not Shy Away from Using Props

During the photoshoot, get your baby something to play with; maybe their favourite toy or something new. Using toys to divert a baby’s attention will allow your child to remain calm and relaxed, allowing you to get the best photographs. You do not want to take pictures of your babies when they look agitated, uneasy, or scared.

Bring Out the Cake

Try imagining how cute your little one will look with cake all over their smiling face and tiny fingers. Let them make a mess. It’s their party so let them enjoy it! After all, you only turn one once!

Props Based Around a Hobby

Your baby’s 1st birthday photoshoot can be themed around popular children’s cartoons and characters, such as Boss Baby, Barney & Friends, and Paw Patrol, amongst others. However, make sure that you put your baby’s comfort and safety first.

Pots & Pans, Baskets & Bowls

These items make for some cute photo props as they emphasize how tiny and cute your little one is. 1-year-olds are quite adventurous and try to get inside and explore almost every nook and corner of the house if left on their own. Placing pots, pans, baskets and bowls around your baby will give you a chance to shoot some fantastic photographs. These everyday essentials are present in every household.

 Shooting a one-year-old alone can be difficult as the baby moves around a lot. Therefore, you should hire a professional photographer from Artin Photography to help you with the shoot or take charge of the complete 1st birthday photoshoot. Artin Photography offers Cake Smash Photography sessions for your baby’s first birthday. For more information on our cake smash services in Port Coquitlam, BC, please get in touch with us here, and we will be happy to assist you.

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