Newborn Photography At Artin Studio,

Unforgettable Moments

Artin Photography specializes in capturing precious memories of your newborn in a relaxed and professional setting in our newborn photography studio, located in Coquitlam.

Whether you are in your final months of pregnancy or are enjoying your newborn baby’s first few days in your arms; there are so many moments that will be gone in a blink of an eye, contact us today to help preserve them!

The Highest Quality

Artin Photography provides you with high-quality newborn photography services. We capture your baby’s first few days in timeless portraits to cherish for a lifetime and more.

When To Schedule

A newborn photography session

We recommend that you need to hire a newborn photographer in the first few days of a newborn baby being born, as that is the perfect time for newborn photography. In the first month, your newborn baby will grow 1” to 1.5” inches and gain about 2 lbs, as well they will lose the ever so cute “newborn baby curl” within 10 days after their birth. So if you are looking to hire a newborn baby photographer to document your babies development then you should schedule a photoshoot within this time frame.

Newborn Photography sessions should be done within the first 10 days after birth. Don’t wait long, as they’ll never get as cute as their firs few days.

Capturing Moments That Captivate Your Heart

The tiny fingers, dimpled fists, rosebud lips, and velvet hair—you’ll fall madly and deeply in love with every cute detail of your newborn baby. Those first few weeks will be full of wonder, surprise, growth, and change—and will pass you by in the wink of an eye. Therefore, it’s important to record them before your precious little one moves into the next phase of babyhood!

This is where Artin Photography comes in—we can help ensure those moments stay fresh forever in your mind with beautifully captured photographs. Imagine gorgeous photos of your precious newborn captured while they’re in a state of pure contentment—that’s our passion here at Artin. How do we do it? Well, we understand that newborns are quite sensitive to their environment, which is why we offer a tranquil and quiet atmosphere in our studio. If you’re in Vancouver and want to schedule a newborn baby photoshoot, or require further information, get in touch with us today!

Cute baby boy wrapped in beige blanket ready for photo shoot

What to Expect From a Newborn Photography Sessions

The first step is to set an initial meeting, where we can meet with you and help you to set your newborn baby photography goals as well as your favorite baby poses.

Newborn baby’s can get tired very quickly, so we use our experience with newborns to help maximize your photo-shoot. At the photoshoot, we carefully and strategically start with the selected poses first and then continue with the other poses until your newborn baby starts to get tired. Using our experience as professional newborn baby photographers we know how to connect with your baby and calm her down to get the most out of your session.

Newborn photography sessions are relatively challenging when you consider that your models are one to two-week old. We help you capture these lovely and splendid moments with your newborn, for you to remember lifelong.

We will take care of everything, so you feel comfortable here.


Flexible Schedule

Sometimes life get busy and things do not go as you expected. We understand that and will work with you to set a time that fits your spouse schedule too.


Unique Outfits

We have a wide range of maternity outfits in various colors and styles. Most of them are unique to our studio as they are designed and tailored by us.


Siblings are welcome

We believe siblings are an important part of the maternity sessions. Having them while you are posing will give them great confidence and creates a stronger bond between them and the coming baby.

We won’t rush your session​.

We understand that as expecting mom you are dealing with lots of pressure and stress. So we do our best to run your session as smooth as we can.


Unique props

Props are unique and add some flare to your newborn photography session, props can help convey a baby’s size, or even denote the baby’s sex using colors. At Artin Photography we carry a great selection of unique props in our studio. if you’re interested in using something unique tell us about it in our initial meeting. One thing to note is that you want to make sure any clothing can be easily be removed.

We have various baby accessories and props available for photo sessions. You can select any combination of these for creating specific and elegant newborn photo sessions.

Newborn Session Pricing:

Newborn photography is a chance for you to document the development and growth of your newborn baby. We offer a variety of photography packages for you to choose from, reserve your newborn photography session today!

***The packages cover “Your newborn”, “You”, and “Your spouse”. If you have other children, you are more than welcome to bring them. If you are interested in including your baby’s “Grand Parents”, you need to pay $35 for each person.

Newborn baby girl with a purple bonnet on a purple background

We want you to remember

We want you to recall the day your child was born years from now and relive that moment of joy and happiness. Those cute grins, small locks of hair, and flawless soft skin melting your heart as you saw your baby for the first time. The exact moment when you became a mother, and years from now remembering those birth stories to tell your child. Our artistic photographs will make you remember the little teeth, the freckles, and the curiosity in your baby’s eyes as they saw you for the first time. Most of all, we want you to remember how your children see you with their loving eyes.

What Is The Next Step?


The earlier you book your session the better chance you’d have to choose your desired time.


We work together to do your session smoothly and will try to take all the shots before you get tired.


You will receive detailed instruction regarding all the steps prior the session.


Right after the session we will send you a link to our secure server to choose your favorite shots.


We encourage you to bring outfits and items related to your culture and background to use in the session.


After you picked the photos we work hard to retouch and send them back as quick as we can.

Smiling cute little baby girl wrapped in blue on a purple background

Planning Ahead

  • Always try to schedule sessions early.
  • One to six weeks is the best time for planning your baby photo sessions.
  • Photography sessions are planned around an infant’s nap and feeding schedule.
  • Feed your baby prior hand which makes them settle down; thus, reducing spitting and fussiness.
  • Fussy babies are challenging at any time. Always bring your baby’s favorite item to comfort them. It can be anything like a pacifier, blanket, wipes, or diapers.
  • Baby photos are incomplete without you. Join in on the photo shoot and enjoy yourself to the fullest.
  • Give yourself the beauty treatment so your close-ups with the baby’s hands, feet, and head are amazing.
  • Your baby’s milestone photos are also important, don’t forget them. Schedule ahead at our studio. Common dates are 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year.
  • We also make baby announcements. Have your baby’s length, weight, and other details ready.
Sleeping baby girl laughing while getting photographed on her purple outfit

We want you to remember

We want you to recall the day your child was born years from now and relive that moment of joy and happiness. Those cute grins, small locks of hair, and flawless soft skin melting your heart as you saw your baby for the first time. The exact moment when you became a mother, and years from now remembering those birth stories to tell your child. Our artistic photographs will make you remember the little teeth, the freckles, and the curiosity in your baby’s eyes as they saw you for the first time. Most of all, we want you to remember how your children see you with their loving eyes.

Smiling newborn wrapped in purple on a purple background

Tips on Style

  • We all love photos of cute babies. Capturing babies with that cherished dress and favorite toy helps capture memories.
  • Simplicity is perfect. Babies are adorable with little to no clothes. Things like a diaper, onesie, or a blanket are mostly sufficient.
  • Don’t overdo your newborn’s clothing. The more clothes, the stuffier your baby will look in the photos.
  • Select mostly light-colored clothes. Pastels and whites are more than enough to reveal your baby’s sweet face color.
  • Before photo sessions, always refrain from using socks or mittens. Your baby’s feet and hands are soft. Using them will result in elastic marks being left on their tiny ankles and wrists.
  • The diaper should fit loosely, which prevents lines or elastic marks on your baby’s tender waist.
  • It always helps to plan ahead. Be sure to pack a few spare outfits and diapers just in case for those unannounced leaks or spit ups.
  • Always bring that family blanket or a favorite toy that you cherish. It will only enhance the photo and help in creating better memories.

The bonds that tie you together

These baby photos will help you grow closer as a family all the while holding your newborn and seeing them grow. That connectedness, delight, and affection that’s shared between a mom and her child is a blessing. Our Newborn baby photography will give you a permanent place to showcase and celebrate them. We want to give you art that communicates to you on the days that are the hardest. It’ll remind you of your decision to have a family and why you took this important step. Our professional Newborn photographer provides you with something picturesque to hold onto telling everyone seeing it of the love in your house.


As time goes on

We offer our clients a variety of photography customizations with unparalleled experiences. Each client is valuable and we spend hours customizing the perfect procedure while offering a one-of-a-kind baby photo session. Family photo sessions are something that you will never regret. As time goes on, these images become valuable memories more than anything else. Capturing your developing family through beautiful images, they turn into the most prized treasure.


The Packages That Fits Your Needs

We endeavor to create timeless newborn digital images that are inexpensive and affordable for all budgets. We have various photography packages that are inclusive of newborn and maternity photoshoots. Our packages include the sessions (Time and talent), high-resolution digital photographs, and all printing rights. We provide you with the option of printing out the images with any photo lab of your liking. We also give you the option of printing professional prints of various sizes and formats. You can print your photos into memorable albums or print them on specialty items such as cups, T-shirts, and many others.


Photography Specializations

We specialize in maternity, newborn baby, milestone, and family photography at our studio in Coquitlam, BC. We also cover Abbotsford, BC. We offer numerous maternity and newborn sessions for meeting your portraiture requirements. Our specializations services are in baby, toddler and kids’ photography, newborn photography, maternity, and family photography. Our goal is to create dateless artwork for you and your family to cherish for a lifetime and be always in your heart.


We look forward to making cherished memories that last a lifetime!

Artin Photography will help you document your family’s history with images that will become a part of you for years to come. Your newborn’s memories should be preserved not only in your mind but also in print. They should not be lost, sit idling on computers somewhere, or posted to social media and forgotten after some time.

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