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Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

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Creating Memorable Moments

When you want to capture unforgettable moments of your newborn, Artin Photography should be your go-to newborn photographer in Coquitlam. We specialize in capturing these special memories in a professional and relaxed setting at our newborn photography studio.

Between the final months of pregnancy and a newborn’s first days in your arms, time seems to fly, and moments pass in the blink of an eye. You need to preserve these unforgettable moments with our newborn photography services.

** When to schedule. Babies never get any cuter than they are in their first few days, and if you are to capture those moments, you need to do it within the first ten days. In the first month alone, your baby will likely grow 1 to 1.5 inches and gain 2 pounds, and they may lose some cuteness.

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“What a wonderful experience every newborn should have. Mary was so patient and meticulous about getting the right shots. She then spent extra time photoshopping an extra request for us and the picture turned out amazing. Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” Ni Pardi

“Five stars are enough for MARY:) She deserves more than that. She is very passionate towards her work. We really appreciate her work and dedication towards her profession. She helped us to capture so many beautiful memories, and is so flexible to work with our schedule as it could get hectic with baby …” Ompreet Kaur

Capturing Heart-Captivating Moments

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Every aspect of a newborn is captivating and makes you love every little detail – fingers, rosebud lips, soft hair, dimpled fists, and little toes. Everything about a newborn will shock you, from the changes to the incredible growth; if you don’t record the moments, they’ll pass you by quickly.

Artin photography helps to ensure that all these beautiful moments are recorded and stay fresh in memory. The gorgeous, newborn photography photos of your newborn are captured beautifully with our services, and you’ll forever remember your baby at its purest moment.

Our newborn photography passion helps us understand that babies are sensitive to their environment. That’s why we offer a tranquil environment in our newborn photography studio.

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Newborn photography is a chance for you to document the development and growth of your newborn baby. We offer a variety of newborn photography packages for you to choose from. Reserve your newborn photography session today!

The packages only cover your newborn, spouse, and you. When you invite your other children or grandparents, you need to pay an extra $50 per person.

If you would like to use our maternity gowns in a Newborn Session, there is a rental fee of $50.

Every Photography Package Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Day-of Photography Schedule
  • Full Gallery within 4-weeks

What to Expect

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Newborn Photography Expectations

Other than cuteness, there are several other expectations in the newborn photography session. The first thing is to set up a meeting and discuss your goals and the baby poses you’d like to see in the session.

We understand newborns can get tired quickly, so we optimize every newborn photography shoot moment. Our experience has taught us to strategically and carefully start with the poses we chose, then go on to the other photos. The experience also ensures we know how to calm your baby and maximize the session. 

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Unique Newborn Photography Props

If you would like to add some flare to your newborn photography session props help you do that. With props, we can easily convey the size of your baby and denote the sex of the baby using colors. Our newborn photography studio has many interesting props you can choose from during our first meeting.

There are also some great baby accessories that you can choose from for the session. You can combine them with the props to create an elegant and specific newborn photography session.

Note that you need to ensure any clothing your baby has can easily be removed to ensure an effective session.

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Newborn Photography Sessions Are Never Rushed

Newborn photography sessions can be challenging, considering that the models tend to be 1 to 2 weeks old. As a new mom or expecting mother-to-be, we know firsthand that you are dealing with pressure and stress. So when it comes to your newborn photography session, we do our best to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our goal is to create lovely and splendid moments with your newborn to remember forever.
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A Comfortable & Fun Photography Experience

Sometime time isn’t always on your side, and we will schedule you at a convenient time that also fits your spouse. Wanting to have a brother or sister in the photoshoot? Siblings are welcome so there’s nSometimeso need to leave the other kids at home; they are welcome to the session. Your newborn will bond easily and quickly with their siblings as they take up poses.

We look forward to making cherished memories that last a lifetime!

Artin Photography looks to help you document your newborn’s first few days on earth. We ensure that you don’t lose any memory, and you can post them on social media and show off your newborn photography.

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