Newborn Photoshoots – 5 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind


A newborn photoshoot is very special for parents. It’s a way to preserve memories that they’ll cherish for life. However, it’s important to remember that the ultimate priority is the baby’s safety.

Newborn babies are very sensitive; they require constant care and precaution even in everyday situations, so it’s obvious that extra precautions need to be taken during a baby photoshoot. Here are the top safety tips you should keep in mind when doing a photoshoot with your child:

1.      Support the Neck

A newborn’s neck takes time to develop a bone, and for up to six months after birth, it is sensitive. Putting the baby in the wrong pose or letting the neck hang back can lead to improper growth and other health issues later in life.

Make sure that the neck is always supported during the baby photoshoot and that the poses don’t get uncomfortable for the baby. Also, try to limit the number of flexible poses the baby is doing.

2.      Be Close Throughout

During a newborn photography session, your baby is going to be in a situation they haven’t been in before; being in front of the camera alone might be scary. Additionally, newborns, in general, need a lot of closeness and contact with their parents.

So make sure to be there behind the camera where your child can see you. This will prevent them from being fussy. Also, take a few minutes between shots to hold and comfort the baby. This moment can also be a great photo opportunity.

3.      Be Up-to-date On Your Vaccinations

This is a safety tip for other times, but it is crucial during a baby photoshoot. Not only is there a lot of close contact with the baby, but the baby is undressed for some poses, which means skin contact.

There are certain vaccinations that all adults should get from time to time, and it is important to get yours before the photoshoot. And if you are using a professional newborn photographer, you should ensure that they’ve been vaccinated too.

4.      Let the Baby Rest

If the baby puts their hands in front of the face, it means that they need a break. Similarly, constant crying or quick breathing means that the baby is tired and needs rest.

In any of the above cases, pause the baby photoshoot, comfort your child, and hold them for a little bit of rest.

5.      Hire A Professionally Trained Newborn Photographer

A professionally trained photographer would know how to make the baby and parents as comfortable as possible while ensuring that all safety standards are met.

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