If you have just become parents, you probably want to take a photo of your baby every time they do something minuscule. And while taking these photos is great and all, most of them don’t turn out well and end up warping how your baby looks. This means that, in a sense, you haven’t properly captured memories with your child.

Fret not! All you need to do is use a few tricks for baby photography to improve the shots that you take. Here are a few tips that can help you take amazing photos of your baby.

A picture of a sleeping baby

Documentary Style Photos

When your baby first comes into the world, you constantly want to capture them. During this period, you will probably take many pictures to see how your baby grows, or to have something to look back on once the baby grows. But after a while, you will realize that you will often be capturing their firsts; the first time they rolled over, the first time they held up their neck, the first time they walked, and many more incidents. This is why it is better to focus on documentary-style photos from the beginning. Not only are they better conversation starters, but because they are unique to each baby, these memories somehow become more personal than others.

Learn To Use Your Camera

Most of us claim to know how to “use” a camera, but the automatic setting never allows us to capture the best shots. So, if you want to be successful at capturing any subject, you need to learn the settings available on your camera. Many people admire the softly blurred backgrounds in professionally taken photos but can also achieve a similar look just by messing with your aperture settings. Even if you can control the subject of the photoshoot, turning up the shutter speed can help you capture even the fastest-moving babies.

A picture of a mother with her children

Include Yourself

While most parents prefer taking pictures of their baby, it is also important to include yourself in these photos. You have to remember that as the child grows, you grow too, and thus, both are subject to change which is why every moment with your child is precious. And when the child grows up, chances are they will cherish photos with both of you in it.

Schedule A Baby Photoshoot in Vancouver

Even though you can take your own photos, there is no substitute for a professional, which is why you should at least invest in a professional newborn photographer once during your child’s baby years. Artin Photography is a Vancouver-based photography studio that can help you capture precious moments with your family. We excel at 1st birthday photography, pregnancy photography, newborn photography, and much more!

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