5 Best Poses for Maternity Photoshoots

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. It’s a time filled with anticipation of the life you’ll have with your newborn. What other way to commemorate it than with a maternity photoshoot?

You want your maternity photoshoot to be an ideal one, as you’ve seen on Instagram, but all pregnant bodies are different. What works for one may not work for another. And not all poses will be comfortable for you either.

Here are some poses that we recommend for expecting moms.

Gently Cradling Your Belly

A favourite of expectant mothers and a must pose to include in the photoshoot is one where you’ll be gently cradling your belly. There is no other pose where a mother’s gentle caress and love for the baby shine through more than in this pose.

You can have both hands on your belly, one at the top and the other under, or just cradling the belly gently from below. This is a sure-fire way of having perfect maternity pictures you can display in your home. Cross your legs to add lines to the belly and give it more of a shape. Maternity photographs are all about showcasing that belly.

Pose with Your Partner

Just because highlighting that belly is the most important when photographing expecting mothers, it doesn’t mean you cannot include your partner in those photos. They should also be part of the shoot, so you both have something to look back on.

Have your partner kneel in front of your belly or cradle it while talking to it. It also shows the closeness between the baby and them.

If you have some special poses in mind to include your partner, don’t hesitate to tell your maternity photographer. They’ll position it so it can be just as you want it to be. Including your partner in the photoshoot will give them a more intimate feeling.

Solo Poses

If you’ve decided on a couple’s maternity shoot, you and your partner will be the focal point of the shoot. That doesn’t mean you cannot have some of just the mom-to-be shots.

Pictures of you holding your bump, smiling down at it or speaking to it will make for beautiful pictures. Pose in flattering ways that will add even more depth and warmth to the pictures.

Highlight Your Silhouette from the Side

We’ve already talked about highlighting your belly in maternity shoots, but what if you have a small bump? Everyone’s bodies are different, and many women have a small bump even in their last trimesters. The best option for such moms is the side silhouette. Nothing shows a small bump more than a side pose does.

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