5 Reasons to Do a Cake Smash for Your Child’s First Birthday

Cake Smash for a child’s first birthday is a popular trend these days. This is the perfect way to make the baby’s first birthday a noteworthy milestone. The baby’s cake smash photoshoot will capture your child’s happy moments that you can cherish for a lifetime to come.

Here are five reasons to do a cake smash for your child’s first birthday.

Different from the Average 1st Birthday Party

From the first step to the first word, as a parent, you want to capture every moment you can. First birthdays are also something every parent wants to preserve in their pictures and hearts.

There are so many themes to pick from when you plan for your baby’s first birthday. You’ve probably seen them all with kids of your friends and family members.

Want to try something different? Cake smashes are the way to go. A little messy? Sure. But so fun to watch and experience that you’ll say to yourself why I didn’t think of it before.

Keeps Your Baby Occupied

Hosting parties and get-togethers is no easy task, especially your child’s first. To top it off, a one-year-old wants your undivided attention. You’ll probably end up trying to soothe your baby and looking after your guests at the same time. Doesn’t exactly sound like a good time, does it?

Give your child a cake they can play with and smash all they want, and they’ll be happy as they can be. The cake to them is like a big toy no one can tell them not to touch. This gives you time for yourself and to mingle.

Hilarious Free Entertainment

Not everyone has an insane budget to hire a pony or get a bouncy castle for their kids’ birthday. Still, there’s no need to let your party get boring without any entertainment. Your baby smashing the cake is all the hilarious and fun times you need.

The child getting messy with their cake is hilarious and cute. All this with the added bonus of not running after them when they get a little cake on them. The cake is there for them to get as dirty as they want.

Babies Get to Enjoy Their Cake

Babies as young as one year old do not know how much time you spent scouring through the Internet to find the perfect flavour at a great price point. They just want to have fun and giggle.

Get a proper cake to serve at the party and another one for your little one to get their hands dirty. This way, the babies get to enjoy their cake too.

Makes for a Unique Photoshoot

Parents want to capture all the important moments in their child’s life. Fussy babies, however, won’t let you take the best pictures. They do not really invoke fond memories either. A happy baby with cake all over them? That will not only look adorable but will become a happy memory in the future.

Looking to create a unique experience with your baby’s first birthday, contact us today at Artin Photography for cake smash photography. We’ll make sure to make it a day to remember. We offer everything from affordable newborn photography, maternity photoshoots to family portraits.

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