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Life is full of surprises, and sometimes those surprises are so beautiful that they bring a great deal of joy to our lives each and every day. This is how baby Nathan’s life began: born to two wonderful parents, beautiful little Nathan was born a whole month early and surprised everyone! Looking for a baby photography Vancouver, his mom contacted us to book a session.

One of the things I love about newborn photography, in general, is trying to capture the very essence of what makes each baby special and unique. Unlike other art forms, photography is especially unique in that it combines technical skill, intuition, and experience into an art and science that records unique moments in time. My job is to help people see into these special moments and enjoy them over and over again into the future. A huge part of knowing how to do this is building rapport with each and every family that comes into the Artin Photography studio.

Because Nathan’s Dad is in the army and was on duty at the time, he couldn’t be with us on the day of the photo session. This didn’t stop Nathan’s lovely and devoted Mom from doing everything she could to help and make sure that her beautiful baby boy was comfortable and quiet. In order to be part of the session, Dad had actually sent some of his prized Baseball gear to use as props. You can see how big his catcher’s mitt is compared to his gorgeous son! I also really love the baseball in one of the photos above and how big it looks next to little baby Nathan!

One thing I encourage parents to do in all of their photo sessions with me is to bring along personal items that can potentially be used in the photos themselves. It’s a great way to add something highly personal and unique to each photo. Sometimes a prop is planned in advance, but sometimes we spontaneously decide to use something on the day, and we do also have a range of useful props here in the studio that can be chosen.

Here at Artin Photography, we work very hard to plan each session and ensure that everything is planned out well in advance. This means calling participants well in advance and talking them through what will happen during the session. It also gives them a chance to ask any questions and even suggest things like props. We’re also available at any time by email and are very happy to answer any questions to the best of our ability so that parents get a real feeling for what to expect.

Of course, sometimes in life things don’t go to plan, and we’re often pleasantly surprised by what happens during a photo session and the results that we get! Such is the uniqueness of newborn photography that it is, as someone famous once said in a movie, like opening a box of chocolates and not knowing what you’ll get! This is part of what makes newborn photography special and we thank each and every one of our clients for being here and allowing us to work with them to record those unique moments in time.


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Mary is a Vancouver based Maternity and Newborn photographer, with over 31 years of photography experience. Years ago, she started out in photography as a photojournalist and then became a photography teacher. While she has always loved the journalistic magic that she could create with her camera, she really enjoyed capturing the beauty of people & families. This then sparked a desire to further her passion for capturing and creating these cherished memories, and joining her talents for capturing & retelling stories with her camera.

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“I’m a mother of two beautiful children and have vast experience in photographing newborns and expecting mothers. I know the joys a child can bring in the world, and through my experience as a newborn photographer, we will aim to showcase the love you have for your newborn. ”

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