Outfit, Hair and Makeup: 12 Tips for Your Maternity Shoot

A pregnancy photoshoot in Vancouver

When we start working with a new client on a maternity photoshoot in Vancouver or elsewhere, one of the first questions they ask is about their outfit. What can they wear? What should the color be? What about the style?

Once they’ve got a good idea about what they want to wear, they typically follow up with questions about hair and makeup.

We always encourage our clients to be true to who they are. If you’re considering maternity photography in Vancouver, here are some tips:

Dressing Up

  1. A Maxi dress continues to be a staple in maternity photoshoots – and for good reason. Floaty and comfortable, it also photographs well.
  2. An Empire waist dress offers plenty of room for the baby bump, but is more structured and less airy than the maxi dress. A favorite of pregnant celebrities on the red carpet, it adds a touch of glamour to every photoshoot.
  3. A Goddess dress is a simple yet unconventional choice. Typically worn in white and associated with outdoors maternity photoshoots, it has plenty of variety in designs that make it great for the studio too.

Dressing Down

  1. A bandeau top works well for women who want the focus on their belly, thanks to its minimalist, no-nonsense design.
  2. Frilly, sheer robes and dressing gowns, available in many colors and designs, combine comfort with style.
  3. Lastly, while it’s not for everyone,many mothers also choose to pose in underwear, topless or nude. Some mothers do this to channel pregnant celebs on magazine covers. For others, it can be a strong statement of self-confidence.

Hairstyle Tips

  1. Getting your hair professionally styled prior to the photoshoot is smart.Since hair is a very personal thing, you should consult both your photographer and hairstylist.Both can offer great advice, based on what would work for your face in a natural setting, and what would photograph well in a studio space.
  2. Having said that, we find that a lot of mothers don’t opt for elaborate hairstyles. Hair left untied and loose appears simple yet powerful in photos, whereas fancy hairstyles are often chosen to go with the outfit and complete the look.

Ultimately, which style you select depends on your personal preferences, hair type, and hair length.

Makeup Tips

  1. Your makeup depends, among other things, on the location of the shoot. Natural light outdoors, for example, requires different makeup than studio lighting.
  2. Ensure your makeup artist knows that the makeup is for a photoshoot. Camera flashes and high resolutions call for different products & applications compared to everyday makeup looks.
  3. Whether you’re doing it yourself or having it done professionally, it’s recommended you keep your makeup matte and minimalist.
  4. Remember that a bold red lip or a smokey eye can make your photos pop, when used wisely.

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