The Maternity Poses that First Time Moms Would Love

Capture the wonderful moments when expecting a child through Artin Maternity Photography, Coquitlam, B.C. From motherhood to the early years of your baby’s life, all the memories that you as an expecting mom create with them are precious and turn out to be the most mesmerizing and memorable moments of your life.

A maternity photoshoot done right would become a beautiful memory for you. It’s an excellent way to capture your journey when expecting a baby. The list of poses to choose from is endless, and this is where we at Artin come in to turn your okay maternity poses into amazing maternity poses that first-time moms would love.

Photograph the Expecting Mother Alone

Often, first-time moms from Coquitlam BC come in for maternity photography with their partners; however, it is very important to take some solo photographs of the moms-to-be.

The main aim of a maternity photoshoot is to focus on the silhouette of the baby bump, especially in the first month when the baby bump is smaller, as that would give maternity pose a warmer and deeper vibe.

Shoot the Dad-to-be Caressing the Baby Bump

Even though the focal point of maternity photography is the baby bump and the mom-to-be, that doesn’t mean that the dad-to-be cannot get any camera time with the baby bump. Maternity poses where the dad is holding the baby bump with the mother while standing sideways or holding the mom-to-be and the baby bump from behind while smiling or talking to one another and looking at the camera are some poses that are an all-time hit.

Kneeling In Front Of the Baby

Other maternity poses like having the dad kneel in front of the baby bump and caressing it are some other maternity poses that are a big hit with the moms-to-be. Another maternity pose for the dad-to-be would be asking him to stand sideways with the mom-to-be and place his hands on her belly. Here we will take a close-up of just the father’s hands and the baby bump.

Another such great photo idea would be to take a photograph of the father mid-length and focus on the eyes and facial expressions of the dad instead of the mum. We can ask the dad to look at the camera and then down at the mom’s belly. All moms-to-be loves this pose as it creates a sense of intimacy between the father and his unborn child.

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