The Mom-to-Be’s Guide to Maternity Poses

Maternity photography in Vancouver

A maternity photoshoot in Vancouver is the perfect way for you to create beautiful memories to hold on to and look back on. This is a special time in your life, one that’ll occur only a few times, so you should cherish it with beautiful photos and happy celebrations.

During pregnancy, every mom has days when she doesn’t feel like her best self. When this happens on the day of a photoshoot, even the most confident moms-to-be can get flustered about their appearance and stressed about posing.

If you have a maternity shoot coming up, here are a few poses to inspire you:

1. The Belly Focus

This simple, classic pose for expecting mothers has them standing in front of the camera and facing it directly, with the belly turned towards the camera.

Keeping the baby bump front and center, this pose works for close-ups as well as full body photographs.

2. The Side View

A powerful pose, the side view accentuates the belly and showcases its transformation, along with the rest of the body. You can lean on a wall for this pose, or simply turn sideways in front of the camera.

This pose can be easily modified by switching up your hand placement, or by asking your significant other to join in and wrap their arms around you.

3. On the Floor

This pose can be a bit tough for some moms depending on their health and how far along they are, but kneeling on the floor, or reclining on the floor and supporting yourself on your elbows makes for a great photo.

If you’re wearing a dress with a voluminous skirt, have someone flare it out around you for a more dramatic effect.

4. The Relaxed Pose

Lie back on a classy, richly upholstered sofa or chaise longue, for a regal yet relaxed look. Again, there are several variations to this pose. You can look straight up as you’re photographed from above at a high angle, or you can turn to the side.

This pose is guaranteed to bring to mind a certain Regency-era visual appeal, only without the fainting or the fainting couch. Bridgerton, anyone?

5. The Couple

While your partner can always play a more passive role in any pose, poses specifically for couples are also a great option.

As the two of you pose for the camera together, you can do a romantic dance, they can (carefully) dip you, pick you up and lift you in their arms, or you can also go with the traditional hug and kiss.

6. Family Poses

If this isn’t your first birth and you have other children,you can always bring them in for memorable family photos.

Consider having your kids hug you, touch your belly, or play around with your partner as you look on. All of these are great poses for a family to do together. You can even get your pets to join in the fun!

Since 2015, moms-to-be have loved our pregnancy photoshoots in Vancouver, and we also offer maternity photography in Port Coquitlam, B.C.

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